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decorative mesh

Metal curtain wall decoration mesh refers to the metal mesh curtain that is hung on the wall and plays a beautiful decorative role. This requires the color of the net curtain to match the style of the indoor environment, and the mesh is slightly larger, which looks perfect and atmospheric.

 The material of the metal curtain wall mesh can be stainless steel, iron wire, copper wire, etc. Because of its simple and fine weaving process, it is suitable for most metal wire qualities. The curtain wall mesh made of stainless steel has a solid texture and a metallic luster, which is the material of choice for most architects. This kind of metal wire has a high density and is suitable for curtain wall decoration integrated with security and protection. The main function is decoration. Because of its metallic luster, when the sunlight hits the net curtain, it will reflect a shimmering white light, which makes the eyes bright and gives people a bright feeling.

The outdoor curtain wall, due to the unique solidity of its metal material, makes it easily resistant to storms and other climatic factors, and is easy to maintain. From a purely viewing point of view, the metal mesh has the characteristics of silk fabrics, giving people a visual enjoyment. When it is used as an indoor roof or partition wall, the material's unique permeability and luster space provide more aesthetic pleasure.

The curtain wall decorative mesh is woven from high-quality stainless steel, brass, and phosphor bronze. Starting from wire drawing, twisting, stringing, polishing, rinsing, netting, sales and after-sales service, it gradually forms a one-stop service of production and sales. The products are durable, gorgeous, high-end, and high-tech. They are widely used in the indoor and outdoor decoration of high-end buildings, ceilings, stairs, elevators, luxurious office buildings, hotels, luxurious ballrooms, business halls and other buildings. Resplendent, elegant and refined

Metal curtain wall mesh is the first choice for architectural decoration, and it is also a branch of metal decorative mesh. It is different from the metal mesh curtain, and its materials are diverse. Because of its different materials can create different effects, it is very popular among architects.

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