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Decorative Rope Mesh

Stranded rope decorative net is also called wire rope woven decorative net, which is a kind of metal decorative net. It is woven from stainless steel or copper according to certain specifications.

The stainless steel twisted rope metal decorative mesh is used in the decoration of the facade of the building, the decoration of the indoor screen and partition.

Different opening rates, different weaving patterns, and the metallic texture of copper or stainless steel all give a stunning aesthetic appeal to the facade curtain wall and indoor screen partition of the building.

Metal decorative mesh is a new type of building decoration material, generally made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper and processed by special processes.

Metal decorative mesh is used in the interior and exterior decoration of airport stations, hotels, museums, opera houses, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other buildings, such as facades, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies, corridors, roller shutters, and staircase passages. .

The stainless steel decorative mesh is non-combustible, high-strength, firm, easy to maintain, strong in functionality, vivid and strong in decorative effects, and can well protect building structures.

The metal decorative net is easy to install, fast, unique and elegant in appearance. Different light, different environment, different time period, different observation angle, its visual effect is very rich, used in various occasions, highlighting the elegant temperament, personality and taste. It directly created the unique artistic style of different modern metal decorations, imagining the space under the refraction of light.

The high-grade design and luxurious application of the metal decorative net has also become an important symbol of the grade of construction.

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