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Anti-slip steel grating have special serrations and can be applied to almost any panel size and across a wide range of loadings.These are usually notched in the bearing bar but can also be notched in the transverse bar to give additional grip. For new installations, anti-slip steel gratings can be welded directly to the supporting structures or can be provided with countersunk holes for bolting in place. Nosings, risers, kick plates or other design specifications are provided to meet project needs and can be varied to meet nearly any anti slip grating design or engineering requirement.

Anti-slip resistant grating can be used in many different applications in numerous industries. Engineers, architects, and industrial professionals choose this kind of grating for its slip resistant properties instead of plain, checker or serrated grating that can be slippery and dangerous when wet.

Type I: Anti-slip Serrated Grating

Anti-slip serrated grating is an excellent alternative in environments where oil spillage or similar conditions prevail to make the floor slippery, so a good foothold is required. The serrated top edge gives extra grip and is used particularey in environments where oil spillage occurs.

Type II: Anti-slip String Design Grating, serrated top

This type of grating has been developed especially for the offshore-industry. Each second load bearing bar has been replaced by a round bar. This achieves weight reduction and the demand for a maximum mesh opening size of 15 mm is complied with.

Anti-slip steel grating is available in steel, Stainless Steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.
Finishes: available inmill, painted or hot dipped galvanized
* Anti-Slip Surface
* Lightweight
* Fire Resistant
* Corrosion Resistant
* Non-Magnetic
* Impact Resistant
* Maintenance Free
* Attractive Design
Product Applications Include:
* Bridge decks
* Industrial flooring
* Floating docks
* Lightweight conveyor covers
* Metal deck
* Non-skid metal walkways
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